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Do You Want To Take Your Beat Mixing To The Next Level? Are You Tired Of Tutorial Videos That Leave So Much Out & Hide All The BEST Beat Mixing SECRETS For Themselves? Well We’ve Got Your Back Baby!!! ; )

This Pack Is A Tutorial Pack Which Contains Multiple Videos (6 In TOTAL) Which Are Over 2-3+ HOURS Of All Kinds Of Beat Mixing Tips / Tricks & Top Tier Kept Secrets Which Will Help You Take Your Productions To The Next Level.

These Videos Cover All Kinds Of Beat Mixing Skills Such As…

  • Kick & 808 Mixing
  • Side Chaining
  • Making Sounds Hit / Punch Harder
  • Panning
  • EQ
  • Verb
  • Many Other FX & Plugins
  • Sequencing
  • Break Downs & Transitions
  • Polishing Sounds
  • Layering
  • Layering FX
  • Sound Changing Effects
  • & Much Much More!

These Are Not Just Your Average Little YouTube Video Quick Tutorials, This Is In Depth Raw Uncut Mixing Tutorial Footage From SuperStar O Himself.

In These BEAT MIXING VIDEOS You See Breakdowns Of Some Of SuperStar O’s Newest Beats & How He Mixed Them + In Other Videos You See Him Mix Full On Beat Mix Orders From START To FINISH & Exactly How He Works The Magic.

100% You’re Guaranteed To LOVE This Pack & Not Only Learn A TON But Grow A TON As Well.

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1.39 GB

Course content:

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