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Anyone who’s lived more than a few years knows this sorry truth to be self evident: Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

When it comes to photography — just like in life — sometimes you’ve just got to roll with the punches. That means preparing yourself, having a backup plan and never stressing too much about things you cannot control. Things, for example, like mother nature, which is always unpredictable.

Whether you find yourself in the midst of an unexpected downpour, an extreme heat wave or are forced to move your session indoors for other reasons, don’t panic. Instead, just refer to BP4U’s “What To Do If You Can’t Shoot Outside” guide! It’ll keep all that rain-induced stress to a minimum while ensuring you get brag-worthy shots.

This guide touches on the following topics: rescheduling due to inclement weather, shooting despite the rain, finding amazing indoor locations, shooting indoors at clients’ houses, using indoor elements and furnishing to really enhance your shots and shooting at indoor public locations.

It also goes into detail regarding shooting rainy day weddings. You’ll learn how to get through that initial panic as storm clouds move in, how to shoot indoors at a church, use your surroundings as amazing props and more.


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