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Capture True Memories And Gain Clients For Life

Documenting the first days and weeks of a newborn baby is often as stressful for the photographer as it is for the parent. Knowing how to handle the baby, capture all that is in your shot list, and keep tired parents calm and happy is often overwhelming. Join Emily Lucarz, as she walks you through how to get started in newborn photography by taking the photo session into your client’s home. Emily’s passion for newborn photography will teach how to incorporate not only items in the home into your photography but also how to capture natural moments that document real memories in the baby’s first few weeks.

She’ll cover:

  • How to photograph in natural light no matter how dark or bright the room is
  • Prepping the parents before you get there so your photoshoot is relaxed
  • Poses and safety tips that work great for the newborn baby and for the family
  • Incorporating young siblings into your session
  • Marketing yourself as you grow your clientele and your portfolio
  • Pricing and Sales that don’t overwhelm new parents

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and techniques to capture images that are not only memories but become art in your client’s home.


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Course content:

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