Image Editing and Treatment for Female Essays with Mauro Lainetti — Photostv — Free download

Working with female essays requires a series of skills, care and behaviors from the professional photographer, such as: production, technique, sensitivity and post-production. With this course taught by Mauro Lainetti, you will understand clearly and objectively techniques and resources to seek the best of your images, from the relationship with the client, workflow, curation and image treatment. With a photographic practice with model, service and tips followed by editing and treatment in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, in these classes he will show you how to treat, what to hide, what to preserve and how to deliver a beautiful essay that still portrays the essence of model.

Objective: To teach professionals and amateurs techniques to conquer the maximum of their images through techniques and concepts of treatment and manipulation of images.

Prerequisites: have basic knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop CC software.


Edição e Tratamento de Imagens para Ensaios Femininos – Mauro Lai…   (download)
2.74 GB

Course content:

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