HVAC Psychrometry, Air Handling System and Duct Selection — Udemy — Last updated 9/2020 — Free download

Build your knowledge systematically, from building cooling load estimation, to sizing and selection of AHU and ductings

What you’ll learn

  • HVAC Air-side components, selection and sizing
  • Assess various air-treatment processes in the air handling system using Psychrometric Chart
  • Duct Sizing using Equal Friction Method
  • Space cooling load estimation
  • Basic mathematics

**Updated (Sep 2020) Accurate subtitles (captions) uploaded! **

Hello! If you are starting out in the HVAC industry, or wished to gain more knowledge in an area which seems complicated and confusing to most people, you have found the right course!

My strength and approach in training is simplifying the important knowledge into something you will be able to grasp easily. In this course, I cover the air side in building air conditioning systems extensively, and will build your knowledge slowly until you reach the competency of evaluating, selecting and sizing Air Handling Units (AHU) and Air Ducts.

Join me to give yourself a head start in the HVAC career!

Learning Outcomes and Content

1) Introduction to Air Handling Systems

  • Explain the working principle of air handling and fan coil unit
  • Explain the controls for pressure dependent and pressure independent VAV
  • Interpret duct drawings and BMS graphics for air-side

2) Space Cooling Load

  • Describe the three mechanisms of heat transfer
  • Identify the heat gains in a building
  • Estimate the cooling loads of a building

3) Psychrometry

  • Define the thermo-physical properties of air
  • Analysis of various air treatment processes by applying the psychrometric chart
  • Explain air conditioning processes in the building

4) AHU and Duct Selection

  • Define the components of pressure loss in an air distribution system
  • Explain the use of the equal friction method on the sizing of air distribution duct work
  • Apply the procedure for determining pressure losses in air distribution duct work

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Some 5 stars reviews from the students:

  • This course is great! It goes in depth for understanding how to use psychrometry and what it means in a real life system. Learning a lot!
  • Great course overall! As a HVAC Operations Engineer in the Pharmaceutical Industry, this course was a really good refresher for some basic but really important aspects and content of the HVAC Industry. Thanks Mike!
  • Excellent course. All important concepts in related to the topic are presented in a manner it is easier to understand. Highly recommended course for building operation and maintenance professionals and techs.

Who this course is for:

  • HVAC practitioner
  • Air Conditioning Engineer
  • Building Engineer
  • Facilities Manager


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Course content: https://www.udemy.com/course/hvac-airside/

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