Shane Hurlbut Academy — How to use Bounce Light — Free download

IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN: One of the most powerful qualities of light is the bounce light. It is very misunderstood and way under used. It is Shane’s number one choice for all key lights, room ambiance light and fill light sources. In this course Shane Hurlbut, ASC breaks it down for you so all of you can understand the strengths of this light source and then be able to utilize it to assist in your storytelling process. Once you see how each bounce has a very specific quality, Shane will go into how to control this source with flags and DIY solutions, covering 22 different bounce materials to enhance your lighting confidence.


Shane Hurlbut – How to use Bounce Light [Hurlbut Academy].part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
Shane Hurlbut – How to use Bounce Light [Hurlbut Academy].part2.rar  (292.25 MB)

Course Content:

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pls Upload more from this from his website its really useful for me develop my skills

and to begin my career i have thank you guys for the work that you have been

doing thanks a ton i dont know when im gonna show gratitude to you



please upload this course