How To Use: Asm Hydrasynth 1.5 With King Unique — Sonic Academy — Free download

Roll out the red carpet as King Unique‘s back with us this week and this time his synth-majesty is looking at the mighty Hydrasynth from Ashun Sound Machines.

Hydrasynth is a digital 8 voice polyphonic wavetable synthesiser with a brilliant user interface so it’s relatively straight forward to navigate the immense amount of options and modulation possibilities available. It also features polyphonic aftertouch and a fully customisable ribbon controller so the scope for hands-on sound creation is literally infinite.

With a recent firmware update giving you more filters, microtonal capabilities, envelope triggers, distortion and more, the Hydrasynth looks like a whole lot of fun and in this course Matt runs through everything you need to know to make the most out of this monster synth.

Whether you own one, thinking of getting one or just want to expand your knowledge of synthesis this is a must-watch course.

Who says great synths need to be analogue?


ASM.Hydrasynth.1.5.with.King-Unique.part1.rar  (1.00 GB)
ASM.Hydrasynth.1.5.with.King-Unique.part2.rar  (1.00 GB)
ASM.Hydrasynth.1.5.with.King-Unique.part3.rar  (1.00 GB)
ASM.Hydrasynth.1.5.with.King-Unique.part4.rar  (110.27 MB)

Course content:

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