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Hi everyone! In this class, I will share with you how I personally take my flatlays. I’m not a professional photographer, but I have been taking flatlays for a few years now as I run a beauty and lifestyle website.

It was difficult and intimidating to begin taking flatlays, but I’ve learnt a few things along the way so I decided to share them. It may not be the very best tips using the various terminology that could come from a professional photographer, but I hope my tips and tricks will help you if you’re just starting out.

This class covers: 

  1. What is a flatlay
  2. Various prop ideas for flatlay
  3. 9 things to consider before setting up your flatlay
  4. The equipment and tools I use
  5. Flatlay demonstration 1 (same colour scheme)
    • Setting it up
    • Thought process
    • Editing process using Adobe Photoshop
  6. Flatlay demonstration 2 (beauty products)
    • Setting it up
    • Thought process
    • Editing process using Adobe Photoshop

This class is for beginners in photography who are interested in taking flatlay pictures.

I hope this class helped you in some way!

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