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One of my favorite things as a wedding photographer is the ability to photograph women of all shapes and sizes. I realize there are other photography tutorials addressing how to photograph large brides, how to photograph plus-size brides, or how to photograph overweight brides…but this ain’t one of them. This post is how to photograph a bride of any size. Lucky for us, I was able to shoot a gorgeous bride with a beautifully curvy, size-16 figure.

The tips I’ll be sharing today apply to how I photograph all my brides, but I’ll also be addressing a specific modifications to highlight curves and create shape for women. Most importantly, I need to ensure my clients feel comfortable and completely themselves in front of the camera. The number one tip I can give when shooting a bridal portrait is to ensure the bride is having a good time. Women want to feel beautiful, whole, and effortlessly graceful in front of a camera, so it’s a photographer’s job to ensure that happens. I do this by talking to the bride behind my camera, providing positive encouragement, and modifying each pose to highlight female curves…


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