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This class is all about the tricks and tips to styling organically inspired flatlays that TELL A STORY. Using your camera or your iPhone, you’ll leave this class inspired to start collecting, work some magic, and capture some amazing shots to use for your marketing campaigns, social media, or any place you need pretty photos.

We’ll focus on three examples that you can apply to ANY flatlay story you want to tell:
repetition and movement
color stories

Once you learn how to apply those three concepts, you’ll be inspired for endless creative direction when it comes to telling your flatlay story.

All levels …but practice makes perfect, folks. You can start with just a few props or fill your space. We’ll talk about all things planning, collecting, and composition. The great thing here is that there are no hard and set rules to follow. It’s all intuitive and therapeutic even, and I can’t wait to see what you do!

I’m going to make a safe bet that you’ve got way more than you think you do as far as props go. I’ve used coffee stained napkins, pencil shavings, florals, books, linens. We’ll talk more about items that are both right under your nose and items you’ll start to keep an eye out for. …but you will need some sort of camera (I use my iPhone majority of the time). If you want to work ahead, go ahead and download Lightroom Mobile.

Be sure to download the course guide! You’ll learn a great deal from the guide alone but it’ll be a great class asset to plan your creative direction and reiterate all what we will learn. I’ve also got some great resources linked up there as well!

Flatlays are a fancy way of saying you took a photo of things placed on a flat surface. There are tips and tricks you will learn to capture all kinds of beautiful shots you can use for your marketing content, social media, or any place you need pretty photos. Styling takes practice but is thankfully an intuitive and therapeutic process.

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