How to make people look like models on camera by Thu Wedekind — SkillShare — Free download

Want to know how you can make normal people look like professional models on your photos?

Join portrait photographer Thu Wedekind for a class packed with ridiculously simple tips and tons of example pictures to master the art of posing.

You’ll be ready to hit the streets for a photoshoot immediately after the class. What kind of camera you’re using, where and who you’re shooting with won’t matter. You’ll be surprised how there are so many things that are so simple, yet effective and easily doable.

What you’ll learn in this class:

  • How to highlight your model’s best features
  • How to integrate you model’s outfit into the photo
  • How to make people look natural
  • How to pose eyes and lips
  • What to do with the hands
  • How to create shape and lines in the body

Thu is a professional freelance portrait photographer based in Madrid, Spain. One of the things she’s been enjoying most over the last years is shooting and creating professional looking photos with non-models.

Being unphotogenic is one of the main issues her clients have, so she made it her mission to make anyone feel like they’re a model. And with these techniques she has been able to produce modelesque-looking pictures with every single one of them.

In not even half an hour, this class will give you simple-to-use techniques you can and will use again and again – whether you’re a pro photographer, a hobbyist or just want to know how to look bomb on pictures yourself 😉


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Course content:

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