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It’s been a while but he’s is back! Techno legend Vince Watson gives us an epic 5 hour tutorial – ‘How To Make Detroit Techno’. In this massive start to finish course he recreates his track ‘Second Wave’ taken from his album DNA.

This mind-blowing track is constantly evolving with different randomised loop lengths, lush ethereal pads and the beautiful sounding DX7 synths, along with a flowing percussive groove to get that signature ‘Detroit’ sound.

An enormous sounding work of art that uses very little in the way of plugins proving Vince is still top of his game when it comes to creative skill and production techniques. Massive amounts of creative learning in this course!


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How.To.Make.Detroit.Techno.part7.rar  (825.00 MB)
How.To.Make.Detroit.Techno.part8.rar  (535.30 MB)

Course content:

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