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Sensual, nude, nude photography. The genre of photographing the sparse to unclad body has many names. In this video training we answer all important questions about this direction of photography and give a lot of inspiration for new projects!

Act is considered by many to be the supreme discipline in photography – and not without justification.

Skilfully staging a nude image without it being directly flat, offensive or inappropriate seems to be an ability that is not usually placed in the photographer’s cradle from the start. Sensuality comes through key stimuli and these are important to set in scene with photographic skill.

How do you emphasize the contours, shapes and curves of a woman with light and shadow, how do you leave some things hidden and address the imagination of the image viewer?

All of these questions (and more) are answered in this video tutorial on the photography of the naked (or slightly clad) female body.


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Course content:

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