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Proven Strategies For Finding Listeners For Your Shows

If you go to all the trouble of creating a great podcast, you’d probably like to have an audience hear it. But how does a new podcast gain listeners? And how do you get your hard work in front of the right people?

While it isn’t easy to build an audience for a podcast, there are definitely proven strategies to do it. Podcaster and producer Dan Misener will first show you how to create a show that is designed to be heard by a large audience. He’ll then offer tips and advice on how to use paid, owned, earned, and internal channels to help new listeners discover your shows.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create podcasts that combine bravery and commitment in order to attract listeners.
  • Use a variety of channels to promote your podcast.
  • Discover your unfair advantage for podcast promotion.
  • Build a loyal and passionate audience.


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Course content:

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