How to Download

We have received many inquiries from you guys about how to download files through Therefore, in his tutorial, we will make some points clear.

Firstly, all courses on courseupload.COM are uploaded into Sundryshare.COM only, the both sites do not work on the same database, they work independently instead. To download file, having a registered account from courseupload.COM does not mean anything.

How to download file from SundryShare.COM?

  • FREE Option

We offer Free download option to visitors with some limitations (maximum download speed, Waiting time, number of download a day,…) accompanied. However, for a personal purpose, free download option absolutely meet your demand.

  • Paid download

There must be no limitation on the paid user except unexpected low downloading speed that is caused by the Disk I/O issues at the peak time.

How to download if you have a paid user?

Step 1: Just login to your paid user.

Step 2: Visit courseupload.COM in the same web-browser, access your desired course, then click on the download links, download then will automatically be executed.

We don’t offer search function from sundryshare.COM, all download links need to be found on Courseupload.COM.