How to Create a Collaborated, Cross Promoting Photoshoot on a Limited Budget with Michelle E Black — SkillShare — Free download

You don’t need a whole lot of money to create an amazing, professional-looking, photoshoot for all your advertising needs.  By working with other local businesses and coming up with a theme, color palette and location you too can collaborate a fantastic advertising campaign.

I know this first hand.  A few years ago I gathered together several of my local businesses, pitched them the idea of working together where they would volunteer their talents and services for a collective photoshoot that all the involved parties could benefit from.  They thought it was a great idea and so the seed was planted.

For our Wanderlust Wedding photo shoot we met several times together, brainstormed, formulated our theme,  color palette, and a time and date that would worked for all of us.  It was a huge success, so much so that we were published in the pages of Mingle magazine. Link to: Mingle Magazine

With clear planning and execution you too can create an amazing photoshoot.  I will share with you how we fine tuned the details to ensure our success and how by working with others, costs can remain low and talent abundant.  I will also give you tips as to what we learned having gone through it ourselves.

I’ve also included a few resources to help get you started as well as our own Photography Usage agreement as an example of what can be drawn up and signed before the shoot takes place.  This way all know exactly where they can and cannot use the images. With the right plan, all will know what is expected of them, what they can offer and collectively what they can create together.


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