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The Art of Landscape Photography

Taking great landscape photographs takes a certain level of natural ability, but that isn’t enough. Landscape photography, like anything, is a skill. It’s an art. With enough repetition and dedication, anyone can create images that take the viewer’s breath away. That is a fact.

In this course, we focus on Composition. As an educator, this is the one topic most photographers struggle with. In the Art of Landscape Photography, I brake down this topic. We also cover the best times to shoot, cityscape photography, and reflections.

When you take The Art of Landscape Photography course you will learn how to visualize the photo before you take it. You will learn through repetition and practice. You will learn how to see the world differently following the thought process professionals take to create stunning images. People will start to recognize your photos for their signature look… That ‘special something’ that people can’t describe. Love, it is love.

After taking this course, you will…

  • Know what gear to pack with you and what to leave at home
  • Be able to make split-second camera setting adjustments for optimal exposure
  • Understand the subtle ins-and-outs of effective landscape photo composition
  • Leverage Adobe Lightroom shortcuts that will cut your editing time in half
  • Use veteran tricks of the trade that will make your photography stand out
  • Composition and the thought process behind it

Included in this course are bonus materials such as Lightroom Presets, Lighting Diagrams and also a course of creating stunning reflections.


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Course content:

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How to Compose Beautiful Photos Masterclass – The Art of Landscape …   (download)
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