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Justyna E. Butler, of Justyna E Butler Photography, is thrilled to come together with Beyond the Wanderlust to present her workshop, Hone Your Painterly Vision: Painting With Light. Justyna loves the spontaneity of capturing an image, in it’s pure, honest emotion. When there are no worries for perfection, an artist is truly able to just let go. Justyna is excited to share her passion for blurred, dreamy, and sun-kissed frames. Whether you are beginning or you are somewhere along the way, this workshop is aimed to hone your vision. Embrace the imperfection of freelensing and Lensbaby, to find your painterly light.

Owning Your Painterly Vision
Pre-Assignment – From A Memory
The Reality
Inspiration – Color and Light in Art Watercolors
What Speaks to My Heart
Why Freelensing
Discover The Lensbender
Lensbaby Feels Like Home

Capturing the Painterly, Light Driven Frames
Noticing The Untold and Discovering a Dreamy Within The Details
Recognizing The Dreamy Opportunities Every Where Around You
The Painterly Vision Ingredients
Living Color
Movement & Blur Love Affair
Color & Contrast
Painterly Post Processing Lightroom
The Painterly Vision Equipment for Painterly Frames
What’s in My Bag

Lensbaby Sweet 35 Tips and Tricks From:
Ana Rosenberg and Pauline Putt

99 page PDF workbook
Five color editing videos with Justyna in Lightroom using VSCO action


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