Learn. Intro to Character Rigging in C4D — Helloluxx — Free download

Let Tim Clapham guide you through the process of building a complete character rig from the ground up!

This course will introduce you to character rigging in Cinema 4D. Aimed at users new to rigging, we take you step by step through the process of building a complete character rig from the ground up. 

We supply both the base mesh and the final rigged character textured and lit for Cinema 4D’s Physical Renderer, Octane and Redshift Renderers, so you can dive into the rig immediately if you prefer. The rig itself is primarily a rigid biped using inverse kinematics for the arms and legs. The neck and spine use an alternative approach for rigging by constraining spline vertices to objects. We also introduce the joint tool and weighting for more organic rigging and deformation in other areas of the character.

Along with building the main rig controls, we explore many other fundamentals which will benefit all your work, including constraints, weighting, joints, deformers and xpresso, all essential components when building a solid rig.


Helloluxx – Learn. Intro to Character Rigging in C4D.zip   (download)
1.04 GB

Course content: https://helloluxx.com/product/learn-intro-character-rigging-c4d/

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