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Fabio Lendrum presents orchestral composition videos using the Native Instruments Symphony Series! Learn to create orchestral compositions using the Native Instruments Symphony Series virtual instrument. These Symphony Series tutorials are great for those just starting out composing with the Symphony Series, as well as intermediate orchestral composition creators.

First, Fabio welcomes you and then gives an overview of the course and the Symphony Series instruments you’ll be using throughout the videos. After covering downloading and installing SS, Fabio explains the String Ensemble section of the plug-in, covering setup, the different sections / number of players, and controlling them with the Dynamics parameter and more.

Next Fabio shows you around the Brass and Woodwind ensembles, and how to use them convincingly to play the different parts of the arrangement, followed by videos on writing the percussion parts and their individual controls per piece of percussion, as well as using the mixer / FX section to further sculpt your sounds.

You’ll then dive into the composition side of the series, learning the finer points to composing with the String, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion ensembles, including crafting the grand finale section of the arrangement.

To see what these Symphony Series tutorials show you and how they’ll help you to learn and compose with the Symphony Series, see the individual orchestral composing tutorial descriptions on this page. If you’re ready to write your first orchestral arrangement, or learn more about how the Symphony Series works, this collection of Symphony Series videos are perfect for you. Start orchestral composing today… watch “Orchestral Composing with NI Symphony Series” now.

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