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Eli Krantzberg presents in-depth Groove Agent tutorials! Learn all of Groove Agent 5’s features and functions as well as how to make realistic drum beats and more. These Groove Agent video tutorials are perfect for those starting out with Groove Agent 5, or just want to know more about this powerful virtual drum instrument.

Eli gets you going fast with important foundational videos on Groove Agent 5 including a detailed overview of the user interface, how to load and customize kits, as well as replace individual drums. Styles is then explained and explored so you can create a wide variety of beats and grooves.

Next, Eli shows you all about Agents, and how to work with multiple Agents, layer them, and the different acoustic and percussion Agent options. Editing and mapping instrument pads is then shown and you’ll see how to drag and drop, reorder, swap, exchange, move, copy and reassign instrument pad assignments and layouts and much, much more.

Now go deep into the Groove Agent 5 Sample Editor, the Slice Tab, using the Decompose feature and how to record and map your own samples directly onto Groove Agent’s Instrument pads. Eli then teaches you everything you need to know about working with and editing patterns, note repeat, the Phrase Player, Mixing tips and using Automation for creative effects.

To see what each Groove Agent 5 tutorial shows you and how they will help you use and make better drum tracks with Groove Agent, see the individual Groove Agent 5 tutorial descriptions on this page. If you’re ready to start making beats with Groove Agent, this series of Groove Agent 5 videos will get you going fast… Make realistic drum parts today, watch “Groove Agent 5 Explained” now!

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