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Doug Zangar delivers ear training videos on developing your tonal ear! Learn the basics plus more advanced techniques to identify pitch, scales and musical phrases like never before. These tonal ear tutorials are for those who have no ear training, as well as for those who have a developed musical ear who can recognize pitches.

Doug begins with what a “Tonal Ear” is and how it works, including using Solfège syllables and scale steps (degrees), as well as musical examples to demonstrate tonal tendencies. Next, you’ll learn how to identify the tonic note from a scale, chord progression and drone examples.

Moving on, Doug shows you how to hear the unstable tones of the major scale and how they resolve to stable tones, and how to sing simple diatonic songs that start on the tonic, 3rd and 5th notes of a scale. You’ll then get testing videos that put what you’ve learned to the test, so you can practice identifying tones from a scale, chord progressions, multiple tones, bass lines and more!

To see what these ear training tutorials show you and how they will help you develop your tonal ear, see the individual Tonal Ear tutorial descriptions on this page. If you want to better understand and recognize pitches and musical phrases, this collection of ear training videos are what you need. Start picking out pitches and phrases today… watch “Developing Your Tonal Ear Explained

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