Dark Synthwave Sound Design Explained — Groove 3 — Free download

Synthesizer wiz Thomas Cochran brings detailed you dark synthwave sound design video tutorials! See step by step how to make sounds from scratch that define this popular genre. In these videos Thomas uses some great 3rd party virtual instruments like TAL-U-No-LX, Serum, Korg Mono/Poly and u-he Diva, but you can apply the info to any comparable virtual or hardware synth. This series is for those who have a basic understanding of synth sound design and want to focus on understanding and creating the sounds found in dark synthwave music.

The final patches made for their respective synths in the videos are also included via the course extras download link.

Thomas welcomes you and jumps right in, showing you how to craft a variety of bass sounds perfect for dark synthwave like a Distorted Bass, Dark Reverb Bass Stab, Distorted Sub Bass and a Heavy Bass Stab. Then Thomas moves to arpeggiated sounds and you’ll see how to make a Phase Arp, Resonant Arp, and a way cool texture Bit Crushed Arp all from scratch.

Next, watch how to make killer dark synthwave lead sounds like a Synthwave Oscillator Sync Lead, Juno Space Lead, and a Resonant Lead, all perfect for your next dark synthwave melody line. And last but not least, Thomas shows you the basics of creating and programing dark synthwave drums, including what types of samples are used, and how they are processed differently from other styles of synth music.

To see what these in-depth dark synthwave sound design tutorials show you, and how they’ll allow you to make great dark synthwave sounds from scratch, see the individual dark synthwave sound design video tutorial descriptions on this page. See how these types of sounds are made, and then go dark on your synthwave tracks… Watch “Dark Synthwave Sound Design Explained®” today.


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Course content: https://www.groove3.com/tutorials/Dark-Synthwave-Sound-Design-Explained

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