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Welcome to ‘Great Art Requires Great Risk’ a fun, engaging and insightful course designed for creatives across all fields and levels of experience to help you further your career path and find deeper connection with your artistry and to your audience.  

Focused on creative freelancing and entrepreneurship, this class offers the distilled experience and life teachings from two-decades real world experience as lovingly shared by creative artist and music producer Robert Strauss.

This rare behind the scenes glimpse of industry ‘know how’ offers practical knowledge and actionable steps to help you transition from dreaming of working professionally as a creative, into the realm of a self-made reality.

This series of practical tips and career development advice will help you to:

  • Define your essential purpose & find your unique voice and super power as an artist
  • Shape your career plan and set actionable goals, so as to best compliment your path towards higher creativity
  • Find new levels of self-mastery through creative risk taking while further expanding your career ambitions
  • Get your first clients and get the most from your existing client base
  • Authentically promote your work and find your creative community

‘Great Art Requires Great Risk’ is an essential tool kit of ideas, fundamental principles, and best practices, that will leave you building upon many of its teachings for years to come.

Be sure to download Robert’s simple and easy to follow course worksheet to help push yourself out of the ‘comfort zone’ and into next level creative action!


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Course content:

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