Jason Paul Rogers – From Zero Idea To 7 Figure Acquisitions — Free download

Jason’s Exclusive Mastermind Program…

From Zero Idea to 7-Figure Acquisitions

Jason is an active acquisition entrepreneur who bought two companies worth $3,845,000 in 15 months

What Makes Jason’s Program Different From All the Rest?

Let me say this first: Other instructors in this space of small cap M&A (deals under $50M) focus on the wrong things. Although, some of them are better than others.

But, some of them have never bought a 7-figure company themselves. 

We blow everyone else out of the water with our program for a multitude of reasons. We are 10X more honest, we have a slightly lower investment cost, we have WAY better information, we have better support such as monthly Zoom calls and a members-only mastermind group, and more (some things are hard to explain on a webpage, especially if you are inexperienced with M&A).

Notably, our program has two key differences from ALL the rest:

Difference 1

We Show You How To Build an M&A Deal Team That Will:

Difference 2

We Focus on Buying Companies That are Diamonds in the Rough and Cash Flow on Autopilot, Even if That Means Doing Slightly Fewer Deals: 


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Course Content: https://jasonpaulrogers.com/from-zero-idea-to-seven-figure-acquisitions/

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