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Jazz Chord Essentials for Guitarists

This Jazz Chord Colors edition of Take 5 from Frank Vignola will focus on the chord extensions that you can use in any jazz setting to spice up your comping and accompaniment skills.

”We’ll start with a chord coloring primer where I’ll pass on a vocabulary of the most useful jazz chord extensions, voicings, and fingerings. I’ll show you several ways to play any Major, Minor or Dominant chord that you might encounter in the jazz songbook. We’ll work with 7ths, 9ths, 6ths, flat 9s, 13ths, flat 13ths, and 6/9s. I’ll show you the exact chords that I use 90% of the time when performing or recording in any setting.”

Frank will then guide you through 5 Jazz Chord Colors performance studies, from basic to more sophisticated and challenging chord coloring and comping approaches. Frank performs each study over a backing track and then breaks it down emphasizing the key concepts in play.

Level 1: Jazz Chord Colors
In this Level 1 study, we’ll use a ii-V7-I (2-5-1) chord progression in the key of C major and C minor: Dm – G7 – C for major and Dm – G7 – Cm for minor. These are the three basic chord types being used. I chose the 2-5-1 progression because it’s in just about every jazz standard that you’ll play. This ii-V7-I progression is used in songs written in the “teens” and ’20s, swing era tunes, bop, and post-bop classics. Even pop tunes of the ’70s, ’80s and beyond use this progression. First, I’ll demonstrate the progression with the basic chords both in C major and C minor. Then, I’ll use the most common chord colors. The minor 7th, dominant 9, and major 7th making the progression D min7 – G9 – C maj7 and then D min7 – G9 – C min7. I’ll show you this in 2 positions on the fingerboard.

Level 2: Jazz Chord Colors
In this Level 2 jazz chord color study, we’ll use the same ii-V7-I (2-5-1) chord progression in the key of C major and C minor: Dm – G7 – C and Dm – G7 – Cm. I introduce 6 new chord colors in this study – the minor 9, dominant 13, major 9, dominant 7(b9), major 6th and minor 6th.

Level 3: Jazz Chord Colors
In this Level 3 chord color study, I use more of a song form progression. It’s an 8 bar progression consisting of a ii-V7-I in C minor, then a ii-V7-I in G major. Here I introduce 4 new chord colors in a smooth jazz groove. We use D min9 to G7(b13) to a C min6 add 9. Then, Amin7 to D7(#9) D7(b9), G6/9.

Level 4: Jazz Chord Colors
In this Level 4 chord color study, I again use more of a song form progression. It’s an 8 bar progression consisting of a ii-V7-I in G major, then a ii-V7-I minor in E minor: Am – D7 – G major – F#m – B7 – E minor. I use everything that we’ve gone over so far as if I was in a realistic playing or recording situation. I comp over the track in a medium tempo swinging jazz groove with the walking bass and drum brushes.

Level 5: Jazz Chord Colors
In this Level 5 study, I’m going to up the level and use the chord progression to the classic song, “Cherokee”, with real bass and drums in an up-tempo swing bop groove. I go over the progression, then utilize everything we’ve been studying in the previous 4 studies. This is where we put it all together, and it’s a lot of fun!

All of the performance studies are tabbed and notated and you’ll have the jam tracks to work with on your own.  You can loop and slow down the videos so you can work with the lessons at your own pace.

Grab your guitar and let’s color our chords with Frank Vignola!


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