Download Udemy Forex Trading A-Z™ – With LIVE Examples Of Forex Trading! 

Forex Trading – Experienced and Beginners – Study on trading by Doing! Practical examples: Forex with actual Money in Metatrader 4.

For this course, you will learn on taking advance of the currency movements and making profits from this. We will talk comprehensively on Bulls & Bears, Charts, Currencies, Short Selling and many more.

In this course, you will additionally learn on reading the Calendar of the Economic events, which is essential for the Fundamental trading in Forex together with other Financial marketplaces such as the London Stock Exchange, NYSE, Futures Exchanges, and many more.

What you’ll learn?

  • Have a full understanding of how the Forex Market operates
  • Tell the difference between Base & Quoted currencies
  • Select a Forex Broker for your account
  • Understand what short selling is and the mechanics behind it
  • Understand what leverage is and how it affects your trading
  • Know Forex terminology like Ask, Bid, Spread, Equity, etc.
  • And much more…

Download Forex Trading A-Z™ – With LIVE Examples Of Forex Trading

Course name: Forex Trading A-Z™ – With LIVE Examples Of Forex Trading
Official source: Udemy
Authors: Kirill Eremenko, ForexBoat Team
Last updated: 1/2019
Total size: 616.86 MB
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Forex Trading A-Z™ – With LIVE Examples Of Forex Trading Download
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