Captain Jack – Force 21 — Free download

I have created a program to help you crack the back of your most persistent sticking points. It is called Force – 21 and it has the potential to spring you to the next level in a mere 21 days.

Force – 21 Is not a bunch of theory. It is not a bunch of rehashed techniques. It is the application of my newest technology to YOUR Game with me as a guide.

It will crack the back of your most persistent sticking points and spring you to the next level.

I want you to have my new technology. Pick-up for me is so easy now, I seriously doubt very many have reached this level in history.

I don’t say this lightly. or, to brag. I have studied the works of the famed Casanova and others so I know what I am measuring up against.

Again, not bragging here. I just want to get this across to you. there is no reason for you to suffer. The strides I have made in these last few months, starting with the Game Dynamics and the discovery of the true definition of Alpha will turn out a new batch of world-class PUAs.

You have to remember, no one was talking about Same Night Lays and Sexual Framing with any real reproducible tech behind it before me.

Most thought it was impossible and when it did happen they thought it was fool’s mate. until we started teaching men to get them on a regular basis.

The Force21 program is a concentrated 21-day push to get you to the next level.


Captain Jack – Force   (download)
1.80 GB
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