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Learn professional techniques to compose and retouch gastronomic images for advertising

Graphic design covers a very large spectrum of areas, such as photographic retouching, and within this we would find subareas or specialties, such as retouching and composition of gastronomic photography. Digital artist, photographer and retouching expert Mario Olvera is currently delving into food compositions, adding a touch of surrealism to his already established hyper-realistic and vibrantly colored style.

In his first course, Photo retouching and visual effects with Photoshop , Mario taught you to create hyper-realistic compositions full of action and, in this, you will learn to create food photographs based on a previous concept to integrate them into a gastronomic digital composition of professional visual quality . You will learn advanced post-production techniques, with the aim of awakening the appetite of those who observe the final result.

You will start the course knowing Mario and his career as a visual artist. You will discover how he began to specialize in photographic retouching and what made him deepen, for some time, in the creation of creative food compositions. He will talk to you about what inspires him and what his artistic references are.

You will learn to look for references, which will be a great source of inspiration for you, and a starting point for the conceptualization process prior to creating the sketches of your compositions.

Then, as your sketch, you decide if you use images stock or your photographic elements. In case you take your own photographs, Mario will show you the behind the scenes of his shoot, so you can see that good photos can be achieved using very simple equipment, from home.

Once the photos have been selected, whether they are stock or generated by you, you will retouch values ​​such as the hue or saturation of the elements to be highlighted in Camera Raw. You will go on to digitally “make up” the food and Mario will give you the keys to give them a professional advertising finish.

You will learn to cut the elements so that you can optimize the weight of your images or layers and, thus, work faster. You will also see what a script is , how to install it and how to cut with it.

You will see how to create the document of your composition with a specific size, adding assets or actions, as layers. You’ll add a background to your composition, which you’ll tweak to get a bit of dimension and drama.

Mario will teach you how to treat splash (liquid splashes) so that you can cut or transform them with the help of adjustment layers.

You will also learn to generate shadows and volume in the elements and to create depth of field with the blur filters. All of this will help make your image appear more realistic.

Finally, you will make the last details of your composition, applying a general color balance to your image so that there is a visual coherence between all the elements.

Et c’est fini! You will now have a powerful composition of freshly baked food, ready to export and share on social networks.

What is the project of the course?

You will create a digital food advertising composition with your own photographs or those obtained from an image bank.

Who is it for?

To photographers, designers, publicists or any creative person wanting to learn new photographic post-production techniques.


Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is recommended (but not required).

As for materials, you will only need a computer with Adobe Photoshop and, although it is not essential, having a graphic tablet will considerably speed up your workflow.

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Course content:

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