Follow the Tracks Masterclass (PRO) – Max Muench – Free download

Get inside the head of adventurer and world-renowned photographer Max Muench and join him on a virtual tour across Mongolia, where you will get deep insights into his complete shooting and editing process as well as his settings and gear. Upgrade your skills regardless of your current level of expertise – it’s made for beginners and advanced photographers.

In a dedicated Biz module (Pro version) Max gives exclusive insights into his business and explains you how to build your own business from scratch.


Max Muench – Online Photography Masterclass Pro.part1.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Max Muench – Online Photography Masterclass Pro.part2.rar   (download)
1.95 GB
Max Muench – Online Photography Masterclass Pro.part3.rar   (download)
485.00 MB

Course content:

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Thank you


I apologize, I did not know there was a mistake and he said a secret


Could not extract final file from zip. Same issue I’ve been getting a few other files.

Last edited 1 month ago by Yan
Course Digger

Please visit back next few days!


The first part is damaged
After completing the download and opening the compression, I see an error in the first part


I get an error in the first part
A password is required and I do not know it


the second rar is password protected. Trash.

Course Digger

We will revert back to the topic soon.


downloaded all three zip files. unzipped them. it created a .zip which cannot be unzipped (I get a message unable to expand zip to desktop). thank you

Course Digger

We are working on this 🙂


I can not open it it is password protected

Course Digger

We are looking in to this.


Don´t waste your time with this trash. Rar files have errors. They contain a 4GB Zip files, that has 3 password protected Rar files inside.

Course Digger

One of our staffs is quite harry to work. We will fix again.


What is the password for the RAR files into de ZIP file?

Course Digger

We will update new files


Is it updated already?

Course Digger

Totally fixed!


Hey, Do i need to download all 3 files again or just the 1st one that was the issue?

Course Digger

Please re-download all files again.