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Hello and welcome to Floral Collage. Lately I’ve been finding that cutting flowers from various papers is a relaxing and inspiring way to create florals, and I think you’ll enjoy it too.

This class is suitable for everyone, from those wishing to dabble in collaging and have fun with basic materials, to those who’d like to explore the topic deeper and perhaps create a portfolio piece.

The project provides options to create a collage in the traditional sense, so a finished artwork stuck down on paper, or alternatively to digitise elements and make designs such as repeat patterns. I’ll cover all of the processes step by step. Just pick up the lessons that suit your needs and develop your project in whichever direction you prefer.

I’ve chosen florals as the subject for the project because petals and leaves are easy shapes to cut but with loads of scope for variety. However, the techniques are transferrable to other subject matter so feel free to modify the project if you wish.

I’m excited to share my floral collage process with you, so let’s get started.


floral-collage-from-painting-and-cutting-to-repeat-pattern-mixed-me…   (download)
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Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Floral-Collage-from-painting-and-cutting-to-repeat-pattern-mixed-media-paper-digital-techniques/1697152980

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