First Photo Channel – Portrait shooting in the studio + Processing — 1 Photo — Free download

As part of the master class, Vlad Shutov will share his many years of experience as a studio photographer. On the first day, various light schemes will be considered, you will learn about the nuances of working with models, and of course – you will see the master and his beautiful model girl at work. The second day will be entirely devoted to the selection and processing of works.

What is the master class devoted to?

Day 1: Shooting

  • Portrait – definition of a task, goal (portfolio, exhibition, advertisement, Internet, home album …).
  • Composition in the portrait. Open and closed sides of the frame. Dynamics and statics.
  • The harmony of the portrait. Equilibrium and nonequilibrium composition.
  • Psychological and ethical principles of communication with the model.
  • Technical aspects of portraiture
  • Light circuits – do they exist?
  • The basic principles of setting the light in the studio depending on the tasks.
  • Lenses used when shooting a portrait
  • Types of lighting when shooting a portrait (Hard and soft light, contrast and non-contrast). The plot and logic of light and color.

Day 2: Processing (Photoshop)

  • Why is it worth shooting RAWs
  • Tidying up archives with Adobe Bridge
  • Primary or final processing in ACR (Adobe Camera RAW).
  • Basic and useful correction tools in ACR
  • Batch processing in ACR, saving files
  • Basic Photoshop Settings
  • Layers in Photoshop, the features they provide
  • Standard steps in processing – we use operations (actions).
  • How to record operations
  • Local Correction Tools
  • Features of the frequency decomposition method. Correction with preservation of skin texture
  • Local dimming
  • Plugins – good or evil?
  • How to save photos


First Photo Channel – Portrait shooting in the studio + Processing….   (download)
1.95 GB
First Photo Channel – Portrait shooting in the studio + Processing….   (download)
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Course content:

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in russian language … 🙁