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Learn To Light, Pose, And Highlight The Human Body Form


Fine Art Nude Photography is about capturing the beauty of the human form. Using light, shadows, posing and creative expression, you can bring out the beauty of your subjects and the human body. Since communication is of the utmost importance when photographing nudes, Lindsay Adler will discuss the etiquette of preparation, setting expectations, directing and working with your subjects. She’ll cover posing techniques and tips on what to emphasize and what to avoid, and discuss the importance of lighting and how it affects the body form. Lindsay will also discuss how to push yourself creatively while maintaining a tasteful and artistic vision.
You’ll learn:
  • Common posing mistakes and what to watch for in your subject while directing
  • What modifiers and lighting setups work and how they impact the appearance of the human form
  • How to accentuate muscles, shapes, and lines with light and camera angles
  • Exploration of creativity with the use of body paint and fabric and other props

Whether you are pushing yourself in your boudoir photographing, offering a unique portrait session or exploring your personal fine artwork, this class will elevate your creative process, both technically and artistically, when photographing the nude form.

Included with the purchase of this class are videos that were not aired during the live broadcast. These additional lessons will continue to further your fine art education. You can download all additional videos by clicking on the “Class Materials” tab.


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Course content:

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