Fine Art – ENTRE OLHARES by Gilmar Silva Pereira (2020) — Hotmart — Free download

FINE ART is the first content made available through the Entre Olhares Project. This product is the result of a demand from photography professionals and was elaborated in an interactive way. We produce a complete content, from the concept, pre-production, production and post-production (edition) on the FINE ART and Russian style, without secrets and totally practical, elaborated in an objective way, direct to the fundamental points and the relevance of the theme, through simple language and easy to learn. Take advantage of this incredible and low-cost content to enhance your photography, about the style that grows most in the photography market. Discover also OLHARES ONLINE, a complete photography content from basic to advanced + image treatment.


Curso de Fotografia e Tratamento de Imagens Fine Art – Entre Olhare…   (download)
2.55 GB

Course content:

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Jhon Mayer

Do you have another link?

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