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The Life Purpose Blueprint Taking You From An Unfulfilled Employee To The Creator Of A Life And A Business You Love

What you’ll learn

  • Go from the conception of an idea of a new life, to a state of being where you will understand how to implement your life’s purpose and understand how to get paid for it.
  • Find both a higher and a specific life’s purpose.
  • Understand how to make transformation last and live eternally from purpose and values.
  • Gain a clear understanding and acceptance of where you are in your life right now.
  • Break through your limiting beliefs.
  • Gain a clear understanding of what is important to you, what you truly value, and why.
  • How to take 100% responsibility for your own future.
  • Understand how to create a such a clear vision that yourself and the universe are one well oiled machine.
  • Create Winning habits from paradigm shifts you never knew were possible.
  • Understand how to create something from nothing and the science of creativity.
  • Learn the secret to being truly authentic and speaking your truth.
  • How to manage your life based on what is important to you not on what time is available.
  • How To Create The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur So You Can Live The Life You Want Not The One You Have.
  • A simple willingness to take responsibility to change your life, live from purpose and make a difference in the world.


Have you ever wondered why you feel so unfilled in life?  Its because you aren’t aligned to your values and what is important to you.

We all reach that stage in life where we know there is way more capability within us to do something more meaningful, to bring us more happiness and fulfilment, and to help others.

The problem is that we don’t really know what it is we are here to do, or how to work that out.

Then we face the problem of “if I find out what it is we are here for, my purpose, how do go about changing my life and following my purpose“?

That is what you will learn from this course, through Rob Sewell’s trusted Pathway To Purpose Blueprint.

This is a 6 step blueprint to not only finding a life’s purpose, but also how to implement it and understand how to get paid for it!

What You Will Achieve:

1. Have a deep understanding of who you are and how you currently operate at a core level.

2. Understand what is most important to you and what you deeply value.

3. Create and  develop both a “higher” and “specific life’s purpose” to understand how you can change your life forever.

4. Understand the importance of vision and intent in the process of changing your life.

5. Understand how to take a life’s purpose and turn it into a new life (What no one else is telling you).

6. The methods and tools to really create and maintain lasting change.

That is where this course differs from others in that this will take you from a clear understanding of why you are where you are in your life right now, through finding what is truly important to you and your specific purpose in life, to then go on and actually understand how to change your mindset and gain the clarity and skills to implement it.

This is about personal success, this is about changing your life forever.

“I’ll take you from the conception of a new life to a state of being where you will create exactly the life you want and understand how to get paid for it”!

Who am I to teach you this?

My name is Rob Sewell and I have gone through this entire process myself, I don’t talk the talk, I’ve walked the work.  After 10 years as an academic scientist I committed what I now see as the cardinal sin; the career change based on seeking more money not fulfilment and purpose.  This is not sustainable.  After another 10 years in corporate sales and marketing I was burnt out, had a loss of direction, and had to admit I was completely lost in life.  Through a process of self development and discovery I found my purpose of helping others to find their direction in life and became a successful transformational coach and online business owner.  I now love my life of living through values and purpose.

I’m here to help you find yours.

So, are you ready to fulfill your purpose? If so enroll now, I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Guarantee: I know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.


Who this course is for:

  • The Unfulfilled Professional That Wants A Real Career Helping Others.
  • The Mother That Wants To Make An Impact To Make Her Children Proud.
  • The Father That Wants To Make A Difference, Find His Purpose, And Get Paid For It!
  • The One That Wants To Change Their Life And The Lives Of Others.
  • The One That Wants To Share Their Inspiration With The World.
  • Curious and Fledgling Entrepreneurs Wanting To Find Their True Purpose and Direction in Life Enabling Them To Create The Winning Mindset To Achieve as a Successful Entrepreneur.


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Course content:

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