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Welcome to Filmora Tutorial Masterclass For Beginners,

As the name suggests this is a Masterclass course to teach you everything that Filmora video editing software has to offer.

This is a comprehensive course with beginners in mind, so if you have questions such as

How to edit videos in Filmora?

How to Remove Background Noise in Filmora?

How to color correct videos in Filmora?

How to create slide-shows in Filmora?


Then this course is for you.

In this course, we will take a look at the following (Take a look at the curriculum for more info)

  1. We will take a look at where to get copyright-free videos so you can work with this course
  2. We will first take a look at the Filmora interface?
  3. We will learn how to import videos into Filmora?
  4. Then we will look at How to use the timeline in Filmora?
  5. Then we will move on to basic editing in Filmora such as cutting clips and moving clips around.
  6. How to add titles in Filmora?
  7. How to add text in Filmora?
  8. How to add effects in Filmora?
  9. How to remove background noise in Filmora?
  10. How to sync audio in Filmora?
  11. How to use the audio equalizer in Filmora?
  12. How to blur faces in Filmora?
  13. How to blur screen in Filmora
  14. How to record a screencast in Filmora?
  15. How to face in and fade out audio in Filmora?
  16. How to use Masks in Filmora?
  17. How to crop videos in Filmora?
  18. How to add an image in Filmora?
  19. How to create a slideshow in Filmora?
  20. How to use LUTs in Filmora?
  21. Color correction in Filmora?
  22. How to render videos Filmora?
  23. How to create split-screen videos in Filmora?

And Much Much more.

If you have any questions let me know at any time and I will be happy to guide you.

Check out the course curriculum for full course details.

After taking this course you will know Everything Filmora has to offer.

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Course Content:

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