Filmmaking Secrets! The Easy Way To FOLEY Your Movie Master – Udemy – Free download

Get Better Distribution Deals! Learn The Secrets From A Foley Artist – Master Course

What you’ll learn

  • Master the world of Foley.
  • How to make a movie sound better.
  • Hands on lectures.
  • Where to find FREE tracks.
  • A solid understanding of M&E.
  • You will know how to improve audience engagement.
  • You will learn the secrets that many filmmakers do not know.


  • Basic knowledge of editing is needed for this class.
  • Microphone and recording device.


Learn from a professional that has successfully delivered over 36 movies to distributors.

This brand new Udemy course familiarizes you to the world of Foley. This class shows you how to better engage your audience through the use of Foley. Foley your movie FAST. Improve your chances of a distribution deal for your movie. Know what is needed for overseas deals. Foley is one of the most overlooked processes in Filmmaking.

Sound can make or break a film!

A class that is a must for ALL filmmakers!

Not only will you become an expert in Foley and sound design, you will also improve your overall production quality of all your VIDEO productions.

Does your movie feel slow? Improve your Movie’s pace through sound design.

I show you how I used SOUND DESIGN to resurrect a dead studio deal on a movie.

You will finally understand what M&E is and what is needed for distribution deliverables.

The class is MOBILE ready for ON-THE-GO.

As well as the Udemy 30 day money back simple guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be delighted in what I will show you. You will kicking yourself that you haven’t started doing these things!

Every minute you delay is costing your MOVIE’S FUTURE…

Enroll now!

Nothing is kept secret – I reveal everything I do as a Foley artist and sound designer.

You will have a lifetime access to the course and be updated on NEW lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for filmmakers or videographers who are not familiar with professional sound design needed for distribution. Basic knowledge of editing is needed for this class. If you are a filmmaker, movie maker, cinematographer, make short films or in film school, this course is for you. If you are interested in creating sound effects.


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Course content:


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Stephanie Paoletti

hello, files missing here and wrong files that is not from that course but from an other. Thx

Course Digger

We are working on this and will revert back to you soon.

Stephanie Paoletti

thank you for you fast answer, appreciate 😉