Fast and Simple Edit and Retouch Portraits with Blemishes and Scars. Quick in Adobe Photoshop by Learn with N — SkillShare — Free download

This class is for beginners in Adobe Photoshop. Class is very short for your convenience, and hey it is not hard. In this class, you will learn some basics of editing the portrait photo.

You will learn how to smooth out the skin, remove blemishes and scars, make teeth whiter, make eyes to pop out. Also, you will learn basic of editing a photo in Adobe Lightroom, which you can also download on your phone for free.

First, you will edit the more complex photo which will include everything. As an addition to this class, you will learn how to edit face with scars. A lot of people think that scared face is very hard to edit, but really it is a piece of cake.
Everyone is beautiful and handsome. This class will teach you how to make that perfect skin and that perfect face like you see in magazines. If you like that look for your photos this class is for you. I hope you enjoy!

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Course Content:

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