External Essay in Practice with Lucas Cavalheiro — Free download

After the success in the two classes held at our headquarters in Porto Alegre, we decided to take the workshop for a TOUR in cities in Brazil in 8h very intensive in theory and practice.

The Workshop External Testing in Practice aims to give the student in-depth knowledge to perform external tests in the most varied situations. Classes will be taught by Lucas Cavalheiro , photographer specialized in Fashion Editorials and Sensual Essays. Lucas has taught Modeling, Remote Flash and Sensual Rehearsal workshops for 8 years and decided to bring all his knowledge together in a single, practical and straightforward course.


Curso_Ensaio_Externo-20200629T184703Z-001.zip   (download)
1.97 GB
Curso_Ensaio_Externo-20200629T184703Z-002.zip   (download)
1.98 GB

Course content: https://escoladefotografos.com.br/portfolio/ensaio-externo-na-pratica/

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