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Today in this class, we will explore Gouache- Gouache is a really popular medium nowadays and has increased more attention in the recent 6-7 years among artists and graphic designers.  Gouache is a water based medium made with natural pigments, water and binding agent, and sometimes chalk to increase the opacity of the pigment. This medium is mostly used by commercial artists for posters, illustrations, comics, and other design work.

Today in this class, we will explore this creamy and opaque medium and create some fun and simple illustrations. This class is for beginners who want to understand the medium and explore its full potential. However, if you are an experienced artist with gouache, you are welcome to join us and create some fun cute illustrations.

We will take inspiration from our everyday life objects like from our kitchen, closets, from plants around or even internet. Do not limit yourself to bring ideas on your table and get creative. Grab what you want to paint and just start.I have provided some of the images for your reference in the project and resources tab. Feel free to use those images and recreate them on paper.

What you will learn?

1. What is gouache

2. What material you need to paint with gouache

3. Wet on Dry and Layering techniques to get started with gouache paints

4. Gather Inspiration around you

5. Sketching your ideas

6. Paint the illustrations using the basic techniques taught in the class.

At the end of the class, you will have a collection of 11-12 cute and fun illustrations that you can either frame and hang on your wall, scan and create patterns, create greeting cards and so much more.

Music : Glen Canyon by Dan Lebowitz


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