Trailer Music Redefined — Evenant — Free download

The Definite Guide To Composing, Orchestrating And Producing Massive Trailer Music

Learn The Art Of Producing Massive Trailer Music And Getting It On The Big Cinema Screen

Embark on an 8-Module journey taking you through everything you need to know to start writing music for major Hollywood trailer campaigns.

Learn the ins and outs of orchestral, sound design and hybrid trailer music, and master practical techniques for each style. From composition and orchestration to sound design, mixing and mastering – the course will help you meet the demands of the high industry standards.

Get exclusive insights from experienced industry professionals such as composers, publishers, and editors, and learn about the business side of the game to kickstart your epic journey as a trailer composer.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Creating a trailer cue from scratch
  • The different fields, types and styles of Trailer Music
  • Finding fresh, unique and grabbing ideas
  • Approaches working with strings, brass, choir, rhythms and more
  • Using sound design elements and trailer FX
  • Mastering Orchestral, Sound Design and Hybrid trailer music creation
  • Practical techniques for composing, orchestrating and arranging through simplified music theory
  • Mixing and mastering a trailer cue
  • Using essential tools and mixing plugins, from a professional mix engineer
  • Exclusive insights from trailer music publishers, composers and editors
  • And much more!
What You Get In The Course
  • 8 Modules covering the full process of creating a massive trailer music track
  • New Module Unlocked Every Week
  • Weekly Assignments to Accelerate Learning
  • Over 6 Hours of In-Depth Video Content
  • Trailer SFX Sample Pack
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to VIP FB Group
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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Course content:

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No Module 1 in this course.