You will get free download for the topic from Udemy ETL for beginners : Learn to integrate data!

This course will help you learn more about how to extract, transform and load data.

What you will learn?

  • After this couse, you will know how to get installment for your SQL Server Database.
  • Get download and attachment for a database to SQL Server.
  • You will learn how to Install SQL Server Data Tools in your machine.
  • This course will show you how to build a New Project of Integration Services, and more …


  • Know about database concepts and SQL.
  • Understand Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Experience working in SQL Server Management Studio.


Course name ETL for beginners : Learn to integrate data
Official source: Udemy
Language English
Duaration 2.5 Hours
Last updated: 1/5/2019
Lesson 24 lessons
Total size 1 GB
Type Video Online
ETL for beginners : Learn to integrate data Files – Free download


ETL for beginners : Learn to integrate data Download
1.10 GB

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