Nick Page – Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography | File Size  19.5 GB| Free download

In these videos Nick walks through all of the tools, techniques, and workflows that make photoshop so powerful

  • 5 hours of content!
  • 5 full photo walk through videos
  • 18 videos
  • 17 chapters
  • Project files to practice on



  • The tools you need to know
  • Working with adjustment layers
  • Working with Pixel layers
  • Layer masks
  • Working with Selections
  • Color and Luminosity selections
  • Dodging and Burning
  • Round tripping
  • Hotkeys and shortcuts
  • Photo cleanup and retouching
  • Transforming and warping
  • Working with Smart objects
  • exposure blending
  • Focus stacking
  • Focal length blending
  • Local contrast and exposure
  • and much much more


This is a 18 video set, with a Combined run time of around just under 5 hours.

Also included in this package are the Project files from the videos for practicing on.


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Course content:

Direct Download

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