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Prehistory ages ,predynastic ages

What you’ll learn

  • A lot of important information that paves the way to learn about the history of Egypt, such as attempts to resolve the hieroglyphics
  • Some features of the life of Egyptian human can be said that this content is the first step to study the Egyptian history
  • lot information about historians like Herodotus,Strabo and Diodor of Sicily and archaeologists like champilion
  • prehistoric ages and pre-dynastic er PALEOLITHIC and NEOLITHIC and AGE OF THE BEGINNING OF METALS
  • Solving symbols of ancient Egyption language
  • Towards the unification of the country and beginning of first family
  • Pharaoh titles
  • NO course should be taken to take this course

This course is an important introduction to the study of ancient Egyptian history in particular. We will study glimpses of prehistoric times, such as the old stone age, the neolithic age, the age of the beginning of minerals, the pre-dynastic era, and glimpses of this era, such as the nature of the atmosphere, information about some important historians likeHerodotus,Strabo and Diodor of Sicily and the tries to Solving symbols of ancient Egyptian language and how champilion solved the ancient language  religion and the unification of the country and starting of first family by king narmer  and a lot of  Egyptian gods and their photos and names and powers .this course have A lot of important information that paves the way to learn about the history of Egypt if you are loving history and especially  Egyptian and pharaohs or you decide to study Egyptology you should take this course

Who this course is for:

  • love Egyptology
  • love ancient history
  • Interested in History
  • love reading history
  • going to study history in college
  • want to be archaeologist
  • want to be a searcher in history
  • interested in study in pharaohs history
  • visiting Egypt


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