Engineering Mathematics: Master Differential Equations — Udemy — Last updated 10/2020 — Free download

Engineering mathematics:Complete Differential Equations course(Ordinary Differential Equation).

What you’ll learn

  • Determining the Type and Order of a Differential Equation
  • Determining whether a Differential Equation is Linear or Nonlinear
  • How to Solve Separable Differential Equations
  • First Order Linear differential equation
  • Homogeneous differential equation
  • Exact differtial equation
  • Rules to convert non exact differential equation into Exact Differential equation
  • how to calculate integrating factor
  • Solving differential equation by inspection method
  • Bernoulli’s Differential equation
  • Clairaut’s differtial equation
  • Basic calculus (Inegration and diffentiation)

This course has everything you need to learn and understand Differential Equations. This course covers:

What is differential equation

Order and Degree

Physical significance of solution of DE

Variable seperation method

Homogeneous differential equation

Linear differential equation

Inspection method

Bernoulli’s diferential equation

Exact Differentiaal equation

Equation reducible to exact form and various rules to convert

Clairaut’s differentiaal equation

Higher order Differential equation

Concept of CF and PI (calculating complementry function and particular Integeral for various cases)

Euler cauchy differential equation

variation of parameter

Who this course is for:

  • Students taking differential equations at college or university
  • Students preparing to take differential equations at college or university
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the subject of differential equations


Engineering Mathematics Master Differential Equations.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
Engineering Mathematics Master Differential Equations.part2.rar  (668.16 MB)

Course content:

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