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If you’re wanting to keep up with modern day portraiture, it’s time to begin infusing your senior portrait sessions with an editorial flare. High school seniors are inundated with editorial images every day and they want their senior pictures to resemble what they are constantly seeing in magazines.

Amanda Holloway is finally giving photographers the opportunity to follow along her session sets while watching her pose and direct her senior subjects with an editorial look in mind. She educates photographers in depth while explaining the details of each pose and direction throughout the videos leaving nothing to the imagination. Each pose is posted on screen as the shutter is captured so that you can see exactly what it looks like through Amanda’s lens.

To add even more education, Amanda also added an incredible inspirational posing guide to push your editorial poses even further. Learn the foundations of editorial posing in detail and then learn how to polish off your poses with tons of tips and tricks that Amanda uses in every shoot.

Want to take it a step further? Bundle your purchase with Amanda’s in depth editorial editing video that takes you step by step of her editing process to produce images that go from portrait to editorial in easy to do steps.


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