Easy Color Grading from a Photo Reference in Photoshop | File Size  740.1 MB| Free download

Have you reached the point in your photographic journey when you are great at getting exposure right, your composition skills are first class, your ideas for images are nothing short of stunning, but the final results are still missing the “wow” effect? Everything seems to be correct, you are frustrated and have no idea what can be improved?

I have good news for you – next step to take is going to do with colors and is going to be fun!
Colors in your images are a very important element that can make or break the final artwork. Color grading done well can elevate any image and add the final, personal touch. By applying color grading you can convey the mood in the image and you can use color to support and enrich the story you are telling with your images.

The ideal student for this class is anyone who want to learn how to elevate his work with creative color grading from a reference. If you are staring at Instagram photos and wondering how did they get these colors- after completing this course you will say: “mystery solved”!


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Course content: https://skl.sh/2PpBSFR

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