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This class is all about experimenting with making the Coolest Easter Eggs Ever! We’ll use the Cyanotype alternative photography process to print actual floral and plant shapes on eggs.

Every year I dye eggs with my kids the traditional way, and I try using was crayons or even melted wax to create intricate designs, but I’m always met with disappointment. But with this Cyanotype method, I’m ecstatic with the results. There’s a beautiful, rich blue color and the fine details of the plants really come through. Plus, it’s a fun activity that gets you outside in the glorious spring weather.

So grab your cyanotype supplies and a carton of eggs to make your best easter eggs ever!


If you’ve never done Cyanotype Photography before, you may want to check out my introductory classes, Cyanotype 101 & 102, in order to walk more slowly through the basics. Or feel free to jump right in. You can do it!


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