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Train your ear to recognize notes, riffs and chords so you can learn songs and solos by your favourite artists

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the intervals, how to recognise and find them on your fretboard
  • How to identify chords just by listening, perfect for working out songs
  • Easily master relative pitch with your existing knowledge
  • Recognise the major scale, the major pentatonic and minor pentatonic by ear
  • How to find the key of a song and chords within a key used in 100s of songs
  • Recognise harmony in 3rds, 4ths and 5ths
  • How to listen and transcribe like a Pro, taking the guess work out of riffs and solos
  • Figure out melodies in your head and know where to play them on the fretboard
  • You should have been playing guitar for a minimum of 1 year
  • You should have a basic knowledge of chords

You’re a guitarist who relies on TAB, but wants to work out your favourite songs, riffs and solos by ear.

Imagine finally having the skills to focus in on and identify elements in the music you love, so you can learn to play it more accurately with more feel.

  • Immediately grab TAB instead of working out songs for yourself?
  • Don’t know where to start with figuring out guitar solos?
  • Struggle to recognize the types of chords you hear?
  • Hear music in your head but are frustrated you can’t translate it into playing it on your guitar?

Ear Training Bootcamp gives you the techniques and exercises so you can begin to train your ear to recognize notes, riffs, chords and melodies. Decipher songs and solos by your favourite artists and start to unlock the songs and musicality inside you.

Do you ask yourself: Why, after playing guitar for so long, can I not “hear and recreate”?

Because, quite simply you’ve never practiced any techniques that focus on your ears. Oh sure, you’ve practiced A TON OF STUFF for your fretting and picking hands but nothing else, that’s why you’re struggling.

This course sets you on the path to finally harnessing the power of your ears, fingers and brain and train them up so you can take it to the next level as a better listener, and a better musician.

Imagine listening to a riff or melody and being able to put your hands on the fretboard exactly where those notes are

Ear Training Bootcamp teaches the methods to do just that, saving you the time and the frustration of aimlessly fumbling around on the fretboard blindly hunting and guessing at what notes should be next.

From “total newb” to nailing songs on YouTube

Ok, I just made that up because it sounds good, but by practicing these Ear Training techniques you will:

  • Work out songs, riff and solos waaay quicker than you’re doing right now
  • Be able to pull apart, analyze and understand what you hear to then know what to play
  • Be confident to learn a song without a dependency on TAB
  • Become closer to the music you love

Specifically for guitarists – no piano examples!

How many ear training videos or apps have you seen that use piano in the examples?

Too Many!

While the fundaments of Ear Training are common to all instruments, if you want to learn to recognize and decipher guitar parts (which you do). YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LISTEN BY LISTENING TO GUITAR PARTS!

This course is full of both acoustic and electric guitar examples with guitar tones from clean country to filthy metal distortion. Because THAT’S what you need to develop and attune your ear to. Check the Steinway Baby Grand at the door and let’s get started.

Ear Training Bootcamp is a weekend course to help you begin to “hear and recreate” the songs you want to learn

Comments from Students

Goes from the Ground Up
“I like that it goes from the ground, without taking any major leaps that might leave a gap in knowledge. I also like that it provided a lot of resources to reinforce the knowledge you’re showing.”

Very Helpful
“The interval identification lessons were very helpful. Also loved the blues part and major and minor pentatonic.”

Small digestable chunks of good information
“I liked the way that the course was presented. The logical flow of content was appropriate and I didn’t feel like anything needed to be rearranged. The length of the videos was also really good. They were small, digestible chunks of good information.”

What it’s like to sit in with a guitar teacher in real life
“I like the the tone of the videos. It’s a good simulation of what it’s like to sit in with a guitar teacher in real life. The lessons are also quite similar to Leavitt’s modern method books but with a much more accessible presentation.”

No Jargon
“No jargon, good pacing, examples given, participation requested amongst peers, various teaching methods employed.”

He told me what to practice and it worked
“I can go through at my own pace. He told me what to practice and it worked!”

I liked the depth and pace 
I liked the depth and pace set by the course, it helps break down the differences between major and minors, specifically the changes in the notes.”

Who this course is for:

  • Guitar players seeking to better understand and learn from the music they hear
  • Players aiming to “hear it, work it out, then play it” without relying on TAB
  • Guitarists starting to write songs who prefer to avoid the guesswork of translating their ideas to the fretboard


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