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…so you can play ANYTHING you want on the drums!

Your Weekly Drum Coach

Drum Technique Made Easy is an intimate 26-week course where you’ll follow Bruce Becker’s proven process for improving your drum technique, developing more speed and control around the kit, and rapidly improving your drumming just like when you first started playing.

Each week, you will get one new lesson with very specific instructions on exactly what to practice, how long to practice for, and when to mark it as complete.

Better Practice, Better Results

Drum Technique Made Easy is the ONLY course on technique that will actually get easier to complete as you go along – making it easier to stay motivated, easier to enjoy your practice time again, and easier to actually COMPLETE the course and make massive improvements to your technique for once and for all!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced drummer, you will get tips for each skill level and insights that will have a positive impact on your playing.

Drumming Without Limits

Drum Technique Made Easy is all about having a clear vision for improving your drumming, and a simplified plan to get there! It’s your path to playing the drums faster with more fluidity, getting the tools to create better sounding beats and fills, and your opportunity to play whatever you want, whenever you want.

We are only accepting registration during April since this is a week-by-week course that will include personalized coaching components. Join us to transform your drumming in 2019.


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Course content: https://www.drumeo.com/drumshop/drum-technique-made-easy/


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